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1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers

Contributed by Invierno on Friday, 27th November 2015 @ 11:53:40 AM in AEST
Topic: political

This tale told herein to you,
is an awful story, though sadly true;
a grand deception, an evil plan,
was created by men to enslave their fellow man.

We must travel back to the early turn
of the nineteen hundreds where we learn
how men named Morgan, Rockefeller and more
met on an Island off Georgia's shore.

Jekyll Island, known to a few, it's there they
schemed and hatched a foul plan;
those with money aplenty, not me or you,
with Congressional collusion made their dream come true.

The goal of these bankers, audacious and grand
was to control our currency and enslave our land.
Over Christmas holiday our constitution was torn;
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was born.

What does this mean? This benign sounding Act?
The People's government rolled over and passed
the ability to issue, print and create,
gold backed currency to determine our fate.

The Federal Reserve, federal only in name,
is the private creation of bankers playing their games;
now controlling the printing of US dollars,
they produced them from nothing while not one person hollered.

Insidious, evil, foul to the bone
these hollow dollars were then to us loaned.
But loans carry interest which must be paid back;
so, in 1913, enter the 16th Amendment, The IRS Act.

In a country founded on You keep what you earn,
with the creation of Income Tax, soon we all learned
the harder we work, the more money we make,
gave them ever more power to unlawfully take.

But not all were willing to give up fruits of their labor,
so they laid plans in advance to enforce their favor;
in 1908, the FBI was created to fight the resistance
of those smart enough to object through non-compliant resistance.

In painting this picture of what's taken place,
allow this summation to remove the tinniest trace
of confusion to what truly happened, not what they say,
and the illegal thieving thriving to this very day.

First came the bankers creating money from nothing,
then loaned to the government with interest paid back,
so our hard earned efforts, the sweat of our brow,
goes back to these bankers right up to now.

This 'Federal Reserve', privately owned and privately held,
a corporation of few with coffers that swelled
because the interest paid on these empty loans made
returned to them in the form of our taxes paid.

Internal Revenue, a service conceived, created by bankers
to collect and deceive, (telling us taxes fixed roads, built bridges and such);
if you don't pony up like a good little slave,
the IRS and their minions will come take what you've saved.

So come April 15, when you send off your money,
send a hello to the bankers, and do wish them well,
and smile a little in knowing all the money they've stolen
will keep them from heaven and won't save them from hell.

Copyright © Invierno ... [ 2015-11-27 11:53:40]
(Date/Time posted on site)


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Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by Former_Member on Friday, 27th November 2015 @ 09:43:33 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
interesting and for the most part true...
however, it's the chosen governance board
mostly private bankers who hold all the cards
Not the act itself. Details man, it's all in the devilish details...

Hey man Mike, I do love economics, or the study of economic theory. Middle aged men and women, and older folk as well, have seen a lot of them details miss told in our own lifetimes.

You're on the right track here. Well done!


Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by JamesStockdale on Friday, 27th November 2015 @ 10:14:58 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Splendid Mike
Very well executed and detailed.
I really like it.

I may add I was born on April 15'th
Double screwed :)


Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by Former_Member on Saturday, 28th November 2015 @ 01:03:05 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
And the corruption continues and continues.

I know only too well how criminal the IRS can be.

This comment brought to you by a person whose earnings once had a levy put on them.

Great poem. I'm impressed with your research and the poem itself holding the rhyme scheme and flow with no forced feeling. Damn good stuff.


Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by speedy on Saturday, 28th November 2015 @ 09:22:13 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
I've been to Jekyll Island - back in 1994. Such history! We don't have the IRS in Canada - just the CRA. They do the same thing though.
Good point, great write.

Hannah B

Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by Beyfoxman5 on Sunday, 29th November 2015 @ 08:47:18 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
IN comment and in poem, you are brilliant. I enjoyed this one greatly.


Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by JohnnyPoemfingers on Monday, 30th November 2015 @ 04:49:17 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Enjoyed this poem, good read and on point :D

Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by ming on Wednesday, 2nd December 2015 @ 09:58:43 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Love your mind! This is some sad scary accurate ***** right here.


Re: 1913- A Year Of Winners And Losers (User Rating: 1 )
by RussellReinhardt on Thursday, 21st April 2016 @ 05:24:45 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
Hello Mike

Well I/'/m not a financial fundy, I guess the same happens here in South Africa with Zuma and the Guptas. Im not an S.M.E however this poem is brilliantly structured. To the extent its given me insight all be it miniscule on how things happen. Thanks for the lesson and a pleasant read. God bless


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