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What I've Gleaned From Life

Contributed by Sirath on Thursday, 20th September 2018 @ 09:46:33 PM in AEST
Topic: oops

Your heart shines as the mire and filth surround you. For what is the reason? Your

ineptitude led to this scenario. Your ignorance a snare upon your soul.

Unforgiving...not to be escaped, but only endured.The darkness snuffed out your

light. The hedonism brought it through the door and now the former pleasures have

become pain. You sought escape.Now you have neither happiness or anything as a

redoubt.The dark encompasses you. Alone and surrounded by it. It seems alive. With

you lie malevolent silhouettes, emanating an evil you didn/'/t think could be known.

Walk alone on this perennial journey where respite is anathema, and joy sucked away

by the past misdeeds flowing through you. It is but a dream, correct?You are an

illusion; a charector in the hell of a dead god. You see smiling faces. Strained is

every facial muscle. Forced to deformity they are. Their act is degrading. They are

become more and more shell like. The exterior vaguely human and now changing into a

pale imitation of humanity as you peer upon them.

What is the key to wisdom? Here is the trick, and what a divine, humorous trick it

is! So subtlety noticed and and even rarer is it utilized as a tool of gift.

Trauma! It strikes you, forces you to reflect at a level rarely tapped into by our

minds. Suffering. Pain and tragedy! Ironic it is that wisdom is attained through

wanton folly! Yet, do not seek out tragedy, pain, or dread. Never chase it. We

shan/'/t be masochists, deriving pleasure from pain. That is folly. Wisdom is what

the prize is. It won/'/t rise within you if you actively pursue it. Don/'/t long for

suffering, no. Let the tragedies come of their own accord. Let it hit

unsuspectingly, so that it/'/s impact may force you into deeper ways of thought. To

stride throughout your day to day existence, and to suddenly be stricken by one of

lifes sneaky yet mighty sucker punches which instantly incinerates all self

confidence, peace of mind and serenity in one torturous instant that is entirely

without mercy, and with great cruelty leaves you nearly catatonic serves as a kind

of purification (painful) of all the common and ever consuming, petty cares which

accumulate around us as we live life and which, in our shock, are forced miserably

into isolation with only those palpable and rarely felt primal emotions which are

the underlying guiding forces behind our every act (often unnoticed) in life . In

those instances, rare and painful as they are, which most fear more than death due

to its capacity to raze you to the ground with piercing shame and defeat along with

great loss to your ego is a precious gift and lesson that leaves, in all it/'/s pain,

will, if endured with courage rather than self pity and regret, leave you with a

fleeting, yet crystal clear and magnified ability to see past the filthy,

meaningless trivialities of life and enable you to see into yourself, what you are

and what is of true import in life. That is the path to wisdom. You will learn to

be bold, to cut through the mire of lies which engulf you. Those carnal, fleeting

pleasures that guide vast amounts of souls towards a fruitless future will become

filth to you! Be brave! Endure the tragedies and look past the temporary pain so

that you can see the prize that it is! The gift of insight, maturity, and the

beginning of the developing of a keen and quick instinct which few possess.

Copyright © Sirath ... [ 2018-09-20 21:46:33]
(Date/Time posted on site)


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Re: What I've Gleaned From Life (User Rating: 1 )
by softerware on Friday, 21st September 2018 @ 05:35:38 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
A disturbing write that cannot be ignored. It is always sad when we perceive life as mired, filthy, meaningless, trivial, petty, shameful, defeating, painful, and mired in lies , as a battle to be overcome, as you profess, to achieve maturity. Is it really so unkind?
Unfortunately, we generally get what we expect. Perhaps the gift of maturity is to seek out the good in others, in spite of the foibles of mankind? I do wish you well on your journey, and hope that what you glean from life need not ring embittered. Your victories have been hard won, but your gift of sincerity will continue to serve you well as a poet.

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