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Re: Do You Believe in 'God?'

Contributed by alicewhite on Saturday, 25th July 2020 @ 11:24:36 PM in AEST
Topic: surreal

Gog and magog
My favourite story books when I was learning to read
Were Meg and mog
A witch and her black cat
I remember noticing her crooked hooked nose
And that I guess is when the status quo image of a witches features were imprinted upon my consciousness
I suppose the nose was inflicted upon me

I guess it swings in roundabouts
I guess the nose was chose
I cut my tooth on gods own proof
And the magical mystery tour
Which came first
The egg or egg men
the magic roundabout
Roll up for the
Miss story tour
Lazarus resurrection
Before jesus
ARIEL Jerusalem plath
Gas head oven
I am
Same identical woman
I am a one in ten
I stuck my head in the gas oven when I was eight nine or ten
I didnt know why then but i knew that id know why when i did it again.
A statistic godlike mystic
A reminder of a world that doesn/'/t care
I rise with my read heir and I eat men like air

When it was is or yet to be
The walrus
I was never there.

Wait at the gate
And appreciate
Lady of the silver lake
Lady Lazarus
Scarlet woman
Bride of christ and beast alike
Whore of babylon
With the dance of the seven veils
Details of the John the baptist
Head on platter
County Dracula
Head on spike
I am the alpha and omega
Gospel of John 111
If you like

All hail mine fuhrer
I eat men like air of the earth
I give birth from Their mirth
As they drink from my cup
Which overfloweth with all wickedness and blasphemies ink into drunkenness
My holy grail inhales all iniquities
I bring into fruition
A new age of religion
With do as thalt will
With my rewording
Of the book of the law
The circle in the square
Done write in spite

That I see and saw

Copyright © alicewhite ... [ 2020-07-25 23:24:36]
(Date/Time posted on site)


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Re: Re: Do You Believe in 'God?' (User Rating: 1 )
by Former_Member on Sunday, 26th July 2020 @ 02:30:21 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
this is art, great writing about truth, the factual side of things. It really is a good poem - actual art! Great writing!
Is God a fictional character, a construct. This question is not about faith, whether I have faith in people, or I have faith in someone/'/s love of another. Where did that love come from, how could someone have the ability to love within themselves - no, it/'/s not about that at all.
We have brains to think, we should therefore use them, we should search for proof therefore.
Your poem to me represents not a disbelief in God, not a disbelief in some light yielded within all living things -
but some of the truth - that all living things do have the ability to love, and yet also harbor falsehoods.
So is it wrong that someone can see through this falseness? Absolutely Not!
The priest was supposed to be a man of God, and yet,
he raped young kids. And nobody in the church did a damn thing about it.
How about feed to poor - well, as long as you don/'/t make them feel as though they are entitled, some of the religious ones say. But sure as heck, they are all seemingly okay with subsidizing the rich. They say nothing about worthless wars.
I could go on and on.,,
But that/'/s not poetry, unless learning from your poem entitled, "Do You Believe in God",
is poetry. And I believe it is.

Re: Re: Do You Believe in 'God?' (User Rating: 1 )
by Former_Member on Sunday, 26th July 2020 @ 03:02:39 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
you know Alicewhite, I have to recount this story from this morning to you.
For some odd reason I woke up thinking, and for no reason, about the comedic genus George Carlin.
Surely to me and a lot of folks, hee was an important civil rights activist in large part in addition to his comedy, I thought, first thing while lying in bed.
And what was his early life like I started to wonder.
I knew he grew up in the forties and fifties, but wasn/'/t sure how old he was when he died.
I also remembered I thought, that he/'/d served time in the US armed forces once. First, I thought the army, then I figured, no it had to be the Air Force. I wondered about it for a while , so then I got up and looked his life story up.
He was born in 1937 and died in 2008, making him 71 when he died. He was expelled from High school, and was actually also kicked out of the US Air Force - they let him go with a General Discharge, saying he held no promise of ever becoming an airman.
Later he became one of America/'/s premier stand-up comics. He also, later in his spare time, studied particle physics, trying to use actual mathematical empirical proofs, self taught learning solely on his own, because he was fascinated with how small things within us, and larger bodies in the universe actually work.
Anyway, the first thing I found when I looked him up on the internet this morning was one of his sayings,
Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. So anyway this was something I/'/d been thinking a bit about the entire day.
And then, just now, I read your poem.
So thank you!

Re: Re: Do You Believe in 'God?' (User Rating: 1 )
by Former_Member on Sunday, 26th July 2020 @ 03:06:51 AM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
also, the George Carlin saying, it was ruse, a way to describe the world in a somewhat real tone, to make people laugh, but also to make them think.

Re: Re: Do You Believe in 'God?' (User Rating: 1 )
by Invierno on Sunday, 26th July 2020 @ 10:40:18 PM AEST
(User Info | Send a Message)
This is the best poem I/'/ve read here since I can remember. As already stated, this is word form a scary. A thing of beauty to framed. If i take care of postage, etc, would you sign this and send it to me? I would do the same for you, on any of my 445 posted poems. Pm me and let me know. Thanks for the brilliance. Invierno

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